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Cleaning Methods

The Single Use Cleaning Method is designed to remove germs while reducing the spread of bacteria. This cleaning method allows us to use cleaning  materials, such as fabrics, mop heads & sponges only one time and dispose of them after each single use.  We understand the risks involved in  washing and re-using the same soiled cleaning materials such as mop heads, rags, or cleaning linen that are typically transported  from one cleaning job to the next. However, this standard cleaning method does not ensure client safety.  
 Instead, it possibly exposes clients to the potential risks of the spread of bacteria and pathogens.   Such bacteria and pathogens may incubate on soiled materials and survive through the washer and dryer cycle.   Our second method is the Recycle Cleaning Method. This cleaning method allows us to use cleaning  materials at the assigned location only. 
Therefore, at Premier Clean we invest the time and resources required to supply our clients with an effective cleaning method for a healthy environment.  



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